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Monday, March 3, 2008

Received my first Microsoft certificate!

Can you believe it...i just (last Friday) received my first Microsoft certificate. The best part is it was endorsed by Mr. Bill Gates himself! The certificate was awarded to me after i completed a 3 days course titled 'Maintaining and Troubleshooting Windows Vista Computers' at one of Microsoft's training center in KL. The course code is MS5118 (look it up in Microsoft training library). the feeling is just ecstasy. The trainer gave a tremendous walk through on how to troubleshoot Windows Vista errors. He was a certified trainer. I even got a Microsoft book which can't be purchased in the market.

Now, thats what i'm talking about being appreciated. The motivation to work is always there. The best part is, the organization don't bond you for this kind of trainings and certification. This year, i'm lined up for ITIL (IT infrastructure library...google it up) and MCSE certification. ITIL is the mandatory certification. My new environment requires me to have a very sound technical skills on Win2k and vista. Thus the certifications are made compulsory.

The coolest part is...i'm given a laptop...brand new...out of the box...complete with docking station, 2 mouses, additional keyboard, etc. The laptop is equipped with smart card reader and thumb recognition. Thus, it can be only accessed using my 62bit smart card. cool eh...and its FOC...The specs i shall give in another post. Will try to get a snapshot as well.

The sad part is, since i'm given a laptop, i'll be required to work from home. Not all the time, but once in a while. So that is not a problem. Besides, the rewards are good so i have no complains. Again ,as my friend said earlier...the company gives you shit, shit is what the company gets back...but when it treats you well...it will mines gold out of you.


Akram said...

waaa, i want it too! :(

wanrulez said...

anton....any vacancy available?
or maybe you can pass my CV.

AnTo said...

sure can bro. there are a few vacancies available. pass me your mail add and i'll give you more info

bijan said...
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ayoi said...

ada kije kosong ka anton? tukang fotostet pun ok la :D

wanrulez said...

this is my email


kapla.hodot said...

congrats bro! i guess it really pays to wait :D good luck 'working from home'! hehe