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Saturday, February 16, 2008

I feel Good!

Well...working office hours feels good. But i kind of miss the off days i use to have. I was at home most of the time; sleeping, playing with my son, paying bills etc. Now, those off days has been stripped off. Have to work five days, office hours. Yet, it feels good. Body feels refreshed and energized. There's a gym in my office, equipped with the state of the art equipments. Will be paying a visit soon...after buying a pair of shoes...hehehe

Now, my off days that i use to have in abundance has been replaced with working days...with a reward...a better bank balance at the end of the month. I feel appreciated. When i work on shift, the different hours often causes in frequent change of sleeping pattern. This usually resulted in me falling sick, headache, fever and all types of illness. The body actually fails to adapt to different sleeping hours as age passes by. 10 years ago, i could stay up all night working /studying but now its a little different. As advised by my doctor, the younger generation is more suitable for working shift. Not that i'm old. I consider myself very young. But taking into consideration my family, its time to leave the shift hours which has been my friend for the past 5 years. But the results are good.

I definitely prefer the current working hours. More time to spend with my wife, son and nephews and adorable niece.

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