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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The post effect of 'LOpoNg....*@#!$%

For those who don't know what lopong is, it means being too free without anything to do...and this term has left an effect on me...'BIG TIME'.

You see, during my previous employment, my major tasks was basically very simple. I would be having nothing to do most of the time....whatever extra i learn and did was on my own initiative.

As expected, 'lopong' is neither applicable nor exist is in my new environment. I have to be on my toe 24/7. Any mistake will cost billions....yes BILLIONS!

Due to lopong, my start here was a little dull/slow. Expectation on me was more or less high. Everyone else was moving fast, tasks given are finished in split seconds. They have to as more and more will keep on coming non stop.

I took longer time t0 finish tasks initially. I had to understand the process and procedures. Every single process had to go through the proper channel. Everything was documented. Even if one were to install something, approval from multiple people had to be obtained. All impacts caused by a change is analyzed before deployed.

With God's blessings, i'm now able to compete with the herd. Not at the peak but slowly getting there. This is because i utilized the 'lopong' time previously to get some supplies for future. Guess it worked!

Lucky for me i did not get sucked into the 'lopong world'. As a result, i could cope with the new challenges even though it was tough in the beginning. To my friends, a piece of advice....DON'T ever enjoy the 'lopong' time....trust me, the outside world is way bigger and much tougher then expected...Mr. Lopong will backfire.....


Kent_TooT said...


I think I have seen somewhere this "LopoNG" line... But kenot remember maaa... whereee..

I told u john.. Dont underestimate the p0waH of Lop0ngSsss...s.


#tail -s |grep big_time

AnTo said...

yes bos...akibatnya aku terkantat kantat bila org lain sumer cam turbo booster...sigh

sH@ said...

hahaa..anton..so sad but true..
lopong...sib baik aku dh tukar keje bende yang tak bleh wat aku lopong..:P
tapi kadang2 melopong jugak!

Akram said...

bro, wheres the update? lost interest already aaa? hehe

AnTo said...

just can't find the time bro...soooooo bz

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